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Sustainable Development

1) Joining the Global Compact United Nations : 
ERAMEDIC joined the Global Compact which is a UN initiative for sustainable development and social responsibility. This process, started in 2000 by Mr Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the UN, aims at unifying the labour world and the civil society concerning the ten universal principles related to human rights, labor standards, environment and the fight against corruption.

Sustainable development ?
It is all the actions and behaviors that meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It revolves around three interacting pillars: economic, social and environmental.

The Societal Responsibility of Business ?
It is the voluntary integration by firms of social and environmental concerns in their business and their relationship with their stakeholders.

Corporate governance ?
It concerns how the company is directed and controlled, and the relationship between the many actors involved (the stakeholders).
Click on the web site of the global compact Morocco http://www.pactemondialmaroc.org to see the 10 principles of the Global Compact
Click on the web site of the United Nations Global Compact http://www.unglobalcompact.org to see ERAMEDIC communications on progress
2) Corporate Social Responsibility Label of the CGEM:
ERAMEDIC is the first Moroccan company to have received the Label of Corporate Social Responsibility.

This high distinction was awarded by the General Confederation of Morocco (CGEM) to companies whose managerial systems encompass the following principles of Social Responsibility:

  1. Respect for the human rights
  2. Improvement of employment and labor conditions and the professional relations
  3. Environmental protection
  4. Prevention of corruption.
  5. Abiding by the rules of fair competition
  6. Increased transparency of corporate governance
  7. Respecting the interests of customers and consumers
  8. Promotion of social responsibility of suppliers and subcontractors
  9. Development of societal engagement.

3) The ERAMEDIC code of conduct and values:

ERAMEDIC has established a code of conduct that defines a set of principles and values as a reference to the everyday activities of each of its employees.

This code defines the responsibilities of the enterprise towards:
  • its customers
  • its collaborators
  • its shareholders
  • its suppliers
  • community and environment
The code also defines the values which every single ERAMEDIC employee must share the following:
  • entrepreneurship
  • cooperation and team-spirit
  • engagement
  • transparency