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The system of quality management of ERAMEDIC is certified with ISO 9001: 2008

ERAMEDIC has implemented a quality approach based on:

The total satisfaction of customers by reliable products and services at competitive prices, on time and on terms that suit them, thanks to the involvement and commitment of its suppliers through close relations and partnership.

Continuous improvement of quality of operation of the business thanks to the continuous monitoring of both internal and external clients, optimizing the work processes, mobilization of the creative abilities of the members and the adoption by its members of the culture of ongoing improvement.

The commitment of men and women in the service of business performance and constant progress of this performance through:

•    the accountability and motivation of everyone
•    the stimulation of the initiative, participation and creativity.
•    the cooperation and team spirit
•    the communication at all levels
•    the daily integrity and exemplarity.
•    the education and training
•    quality of the working environment
•    and the scrupulous observance of laws, regulations and good business practices.